February 10, 2013

X84 Telnet Server

I got an email this weekend from Jeff Quast who writes:
I've been writing a telnet BBS in python since about 2003. It has many similarities in your MUD. Initially we had a hand-crafted simple socket telnet daemon, then later twisted, but when we decided to get rid of twisted for a pure-python solution, I discovered your miniboa source.
It has been modified quite a bit for more advanced telnet negotiations, I encourage you to take a look. You will find NAWS, TTYPE, and even NEW_ENVIRON negotiation. I plan to release x/84 to pypi within a day or so[.]

I really enjoy it when someone dusts off my brain-addled code and manages to hammer it into something useful.  You can check out his project here;


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Hick Wu said...

great work!

I am reading about the docs on x84.readthedocs.org , but I am goot at PHP but not too much familiar with python. and it seems like the data is not stored in some C/S db engine? for the mention of "sqlitedict" in the github, the data is stored in SQLite ? so, what's the weakness of MySQL to implement such system ? maybe the C/S DB engine is too slow?