September 21, 2008


One of my goals was to have zero dependencies -- where all you would need is a recent released of Python to run the MUD.

I think I'm going to add one though - PyYAML. Because of how I'm doing object properties, I need to let designers script events for rooms, objects, and monsters. Which means a lot of text editing. Early on, I was considering XML for this, but it's a painful format to edit manually. YAML on the other hand, is a very tight, clean format meant for straight editing.

September 20, 2008

Subversion and Junk Files

BogBoa is hosted on which uses Subversion for version control. I really like Subversion but often you need to tell it to ignore junk files like *.pyc (compiled Python programs) and *.aux (LaTex leftovers).

You can tell Subversion to ignore specific types of files by editing .subversion/config in your home directory and adding a line like:

global-ignores = *.pyc *.log *.out *.toc *.aux *.sqlite *.pdf

September 19, 2008

Test from Email

This is a test message sent from email.