June 25, 2011

Visualizing Data

To create the game space, I'm going to need to assign random sector connections, tweak those into usefulness, and eventually write an A* path finder. I really need some way to SEE this hooey.

Scaled Vector Graphics are an XML-based image format that I really like. Google suggested a couple of Python libraries but I ended up writing my own based on code to generate XHTML from a previous project. A few hours later I had my universe mapper. Here's a 25 sector uiverse with some random pathways. Notice that sector 23 is an orphan, with no way in and no way out. That's the issue I'm working on now.

You might notice the absence of NE and SE jumps to fit the hex paper scheme from my previous post. I decided that the center-most sector (in this case, 12) would be the hub, which will always get 6 exits. More on using this to cure orphanism later.

Just to be stupid, I generated a map with 40,000 sectors. The script ran for only a second or two but my image viewer choked so bad that I had to go read a book while it chugged through and finally produced this (zoomed out) mess:

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