August 22, 2010


I've started the total re-write of my asynchronous network library Miniboa. The new code, in addition to being cleaner, is different in several ways.

What's New
  • No longer Telnet-centric; my aim is to keep connections generic and wrap them in protocol handlers.
  • Services; you can now run multiple services under a single server. Each service listens on a different port and can have unique protocols and events.
  • Added hooks for coroutine-based, character-at-a-time protocol handlers.
  • No longer line-based; the new API has get_ch() to get one character or get_input() to retrieve the entire input buffer. This is support users that want to write features like text editors and command completion.
  • New event; on_input() that is called when the data is received from the client.
  • When run under Linux, it uses the Epoll API introduced in Linux kernel 2.5.44. All other platforms user Select().
I kept the server polled from within the user's game loop. I know that event and callback driven designs are more efficient, but I really like the approachability of that pattern. It can be hard to think in terms of callbacks.


Richard said...

The problem with select, is that on Windows it is limited to passing in 512 file descriptors at a time I believe. So if you are going to use it, then you're probably going to want to call it multiple times with batches if you are over this limit -- at least on Windows.

Richard said...

Forgot to tick the box which gets me follow up comments, which must be a nice new addition from blogger. So this comment is me doing that :-)

Jim said...

Yeah, we had a discussion about that a while back on MudBytes. Currently, I hackishly cap to 512 on Windows but according to this post by the asyncore maintainer, 'paging' the sockets should work:

I think I'll aim for 1,000 sockets across all platforms, which means a max of two sweeps per poll on Windows.

Zita said...

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